Shrobon Biswas


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Experience (Vancouver,Canada)

Position: Software Developer Intern
Team : Corporate Gift Cards


  • Conceptualized and designed: Automatic email delivery of transaction reports for Amazon Gift Card on Demand Customers
  • Engineered a highly efficient, robust and scalable scheduling architecture for the project.
  • Project involves work on both frontend and backend is currently in prod North America, EU and Japan.
  • Skills: Java(Spring), JavaScript, AWS ( S3, Lambda, Cloudwatch, SQS, DynamoDB), Continuous Deployment, Git, JQuery, JUnit, PowerMock
  • Participated in the company-wide Alexa hackathon.
    submitted an Alexa Skill which makes it possible to order Amazon gift cards. The gift-card claim codes can either be read out by Alexa or sent as a push notification on the users smartphone.

Attify Mobile Security Pvt.Ltd (Bengaluru, India)

Position: IOT Research Intern


University of Alberta (Edmonton,Canada)

September 2016 - April 2018

Master of Science in Computer Science (Multimedia Specialization)
GPA : 4.0

Relevant Coursework

West Bengal University of Technology (Kolkata,India)

August 2012 - July 2016

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
GPA : 8.83 / 10

Relevant Coursework



Tweenalyzer- The Twitter Analyzer

Tweenalyzer helps analyze your twitter fanbase by providing a visually pleasing data-centric summary on different aspects of your target audience.

  • Twitter REST API was used to fetch the tweets based on the searh term
  • Python-Flask Framework was used for the backend
  • Data analysis was performed using scikit-learn and pandas library.
  • Google charts was used plotting the graphs on the dashboard.
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Chinese Herb Classification using K-Means & Random Forest Classifier

  • This project achieved a classification acccuracy of ~98%
  • A python script was written to automate the process of herb extraction & labelling from given images.
  • K-means clustering was used to air the segmentation process.
  • Random Forest classifier was used train the extracted herbs
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Convolutional Neural Networks to Classify Cats & Dogs

  • Increased classification accuracy to 91.18%
  • Utilized Random Search algorithm as a base for effective hyperparameter tuning
  • Performed just-in-time Image Augmentation, to tackle overfitting on the reduced Cats Vs Dogs dataset.
  • Stabilized the network by experimenting with regularizers, batch-normalization, dropouts & weight-initializations
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Safari Rush Solver [AI Bot]

A fast AI bot to solve a Safari RushHour game

  • Uses SMA*(Simplified Memory-Bounded A* algorithm) & blocking vehicle heuristic
  • Given any board configuration, this solver is able to find a path with a minimum number of moves, to move the Safari Rover out of the board.
  • Increased solution search speed by 30% by using efficient data structures
  • This solver can find a solution of a moderately difficult board in around 10 seconds, while difficult and fiendishly hard boards take around 35 seconds.
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Ataxx Solver [AI Bot]

An AI which can play the game of Ataxx optimally

  • Uses Alpha-beta pruning with iterative deepening algorithm
  • Hashtables are used for memoizations of previous calculated results
  • AI can be configured, to limit the search depth or limit time taken per move
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Cluster-Based Algorithm to count number of vehicles from Traffic Video

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Publications / Certifications

Released a Video Tutorial Series on Computer Vision using OpenCV [Instructor]

Title: Hands on Computer Vision with OpenCV & Python

Sept 2016

IoT-MQTT based Energy Efficient Economic Home Automation System [first author]

9 July 2016

3rd International Conference on Microelectronics, Circuits and Systems, Micro2016.

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